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Music Tech Podcast

Mar 24, 2021

The MTEC Study Group begins their weekly Friday meeting by quickly recapping their previous meetings to ensure all members were in the know of each other’s projects. The meetings continue by having Tom speak about how he is preparing for his recording session at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles. Tom Spoke about what he was going to record, how the session was funded, and the importance of being connected with other like minded people. Apart from Tom’s recording project Tom introduced the group to Los Angeles Producer and artist John. John is a former student of the Music Technology program at Stanford University. John is now working with top EDM producers in Los Angeles. Lastly, Tom and John express the importance to have your collaborations workflow.   The MTEC Study Group diverged their conversation to their new podcast editing software Descript. Bruce Tambling discusses the useful tools within the application. Some of these features include simultaneously removing all the Uhs in a recording. Bruce continues to discuss the podcasts being created from previous MTEC Meetings. Bruce explains how Descript is going to speed up his team’s workflow. 


The group continues their meeting and touches on the topic of the importance of these meetings. Bruce and Layla communicate the significance of building a community around the MTEC group. They speak about the importance of having mentors available and being surrounded by talented individuals that can team up and collaborate to create wonderful works of art together. Layla also offers to bring in touring performers and DJ to weekly meetings to help the group learn and interview professionals working in the real world.


Kiki asks about what the new Thursday night MTEC meeting is about. Bruce explains his ideas for the meetings and says he wanted to have a meeting so local students and artists can jam together using a new program using JamKazam. The first meeting didn't go as planned the first time around but Bruce Tambling is optimistic he will get JamKazam working for future meetings. The meeting concludes after Philip Rose and Daniel give a small update on their projects and what their next steps are going to be.

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